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Touching lives and impacting generations – Our Ethos and Prime Objective
  • Our Ethos

To ensure that our community within the workplace is focused steadfastly on growing the size of our agent network and improving the economic livelihoods of our agents, indirectly touching the lives of every stakeholder within our payments ecosystem, by bringing a wide bouquet of digital products and services to both grass root and mass-market consumers through innovation, technology and a world-class retail distribution network.

  • Social empowerment

In delivering our services to individuals from a wide range of economic and socio-demographic backgrounds, we have created a large number of autonomous business outlets across the country that have thrived on grassroots and mass-market consumers. Through our services, these businesses have created and fostered a collective sense of purpose, self confidence, autonomy, economic independence and a new drive to be successful and to empower those in their local communities.

  • B2B

Our B2B integration platform, based on a set of APIs, provides a flexible technology architecture that enables our enterprise clients to overlay our core digital products and services on their own platform, tailor it to their needs and then push through their own distribution channels.

  • Economic empowerment

In our drive to improve  access to financial and digital services in unbanked regions, we have created empowerment schemes in partnership with banks to provide zero cost devices to generate new streams of revenue for individuals that are willing to be an agent or merchant on our platform. We are currently part of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Shared Agent Network Facility Program that is focused on increasing the level of financial inclusion and literacy across the country, especially in the Northern States of Nigeria.  We are also working with Efina (a financial development organisation that promotes financial inclusion in Nigeria and is funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to provide technology enabled financial inclusion services in the Northern States of Nigeria, where there is a greater level of financial exclusion.

  • Female empowerment

One of our core responsibilities to our agent community is to ensure that female representation is a significant part of our ecosystem.  Across our operational value chain spanning agent acquisition, product training, customer management and support, we ensure that this remains a key focus both within CDL as organisation, which has over 65% female representation amongst its staff, and our agent community.  Accordingly, women represent over 50% of our current agent network. We see this as a core objective of our company, as our platform is a source of livelihood, provides valuable access to loan facilities, creates economic independence, increases incomes and provides resources for business expansion.

Capricorn Digital LimitedHead Office
3, Murtala Muhammed International, Airport Road, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria
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Capricorn Digital LimitedHead Office
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Copyright by Capricorn Digital Limited. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Capricorn Digital Limited. All rights reserved.