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About Capricorn Digital Limited

Retail presence in every

Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL) is a technology-focused digital distribution and payments company. We distribute a wide range of digital products and services to mass market consumers through an agent network spread across all of the 36 States of Nigeria.
We have created a one-stop-shop payment ecosystem aimed at providing everyday financial access and solutions to our agents and customers while creating core services that directly impact their daily lives. At the heart of the company is innovation and technical excellence, which drives the business to strive to find new ways to create economic value for our agents and customers.
We adopt a multi-channel distribution approach that includes physical devices (BaxiBox, BaxiPos, and BaxiMpos), web (BaxiPay), Mobile App and API (Business-to-Business) services.
Our products and services are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders that include both our agents, customers and corporate clients. We ensure quality, stability, and security across our platforms.

BaxiBox / BaxiPos / BaxiMpos

The BaxiBox is a unique multifunctional Android device that enables our agents to sell different types of digital products and services to end-customers. The Baxi Box is unique in that


Baxi Retail and Inventory Management Solutions (BaxiRIMS) is an easy to use solution that enables small and large business and retail owners to better manage their inventory and ensure there is sufficient stock in retail locations to meet customer demand.


BaxiPay is our online payment platform that is accessible through our website or mobile app by an end-user. BaxiPay is a one-stop-shop payment portal that enables an end-user to pay for a multitude of digital products and services

B2B Channels

A B2B (Business-2-Business) service where through a relatively simple integration, our clients, who have their own distribution channels (be it an agent network, a web portal and/or mobile app), can now distribute CDL’s full bouquet of digital products and services

Baxi Mobile App & MPOS

Baxi mobile app is our technology platform on your mobile device, compatible with Android and IOS and with the aid of MPOS you can carry out atm card transactions. The Mobile App and MPOS work hand in hand.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to have a retail presence on every street and a digital presence in every household in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring a wide bouquet of digital products and services to grass root and mass market consumers through innovation, technology and a world class retail distribution network that is driven primarily by agents and merchants.

At Capricorn Digital LimitedWhat we Do?

As a business, we are dedicated to consistently delivering value to our clients through the use of our technology which is a safe, secure and easy way to complete transactions. We aim at simplifying the buying experience for the end consumer, providing speed, convenience, and confidence for the users. An important part of our value proposition is our technology platform, which can aggregate and integrate into a wide range of digital products and services and also serves as a means to empower the immediate community to access financial services (Financial Inclusion).

Our Core Values!

As a company, we excel by continuously exploring and expanding our imaginative horizon, leveraging on the creative minds of our employees to meet the needs of our clients
Dedication to Excellence
CDL strives for recognizable quality in all its actions, products and business practices. We set challenging goals and are dedicated to meeting our commitments and achieving our objectives through excellence.
We continually stretch our resources, utilizing technology to overcome different challenges
Service Quality
At CDL, we are committed to satisfying our customers through high-quality service ensuring customer retention and an increase in market share
At CDL, we all work together towards the achievement of the organisation’s objective(s) and also harmonize the disparate attributes of everyone to create one uniquely identifiably
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Our clients have always trusted our expertise and advices. Here’s what they have to say about us.

My company has been in partnership with Capricorn Digital Limited for over 4 years, and within this time frame, the company has developed beyond our imagination and has excelled in carrying us along, having our best interest as their core objective

Emeh Ifeanyi

Capricorn Digital Limited has seamlessly helped expand our business beyond our immediate localities

Rufus Omole

Capricorn Digital Limited has helped to ease the process of Financial Inclusion in excluded areas

Abukakar Hassan

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Capricorn Digital LimitedHead Office
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Copyright by Capricorn Digital Limited. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Capricorn Digital Limited. All rights reserved.